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Fight to the Finish


A game named after the best Smash Bros tournament series.

Product ID: Soon™

What is Fight to the Finish? link

Fight to the Finish is a Super Smash Bros tournament series hosted by FalconXD on Challonge you can join the official Discord server for more information and if you are interested in joining! :)

How will the RPG be like the Smash tournament? link

It really only shares the name of the tournament it will have some characters named after people like Falcon and others from his server but thats just about it. :P

Been a while when will it be released? link

Umm it will take a little more time I get distracted easily I don't wanna say an exact date just yet.

Miiverse is now gone how will I play? link

You never needed Miiverse just search for the game in RPG Maker Fes or RPG Maker Player using the product ID when I release it. :)